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Campaigning for Fair Admissions – Richy Thompson

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20:00, Tuesday 12th November, Liverpool Guild of Students, 160 Mount Pleasant.

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We will be welcoming Richy Thompson to talk about how to set up a local Fair Admissions Campaign group here in Liverpool and why we should do it!

Liverpool faces a unique set of conditions as a historically very religious city, with a reduced population, as well as being the home seat for the former Shadow Education Secretary, Stephen Twigg MP. Richy will be advising us on how to deal with these factors as part of a campaign.

Richy is currently the Campaigns Officer for the British Humanist Association and an expert on issues relating to religious selection in schools. He has been President of Oxford’s AHS society, the founder of Oxford Think Week, Press Officer then President of the AHS, Campaigns Volunteer for the European Humanist Federation before becoming the BHA’s lead campaigner on education and faith schools.

This event is hosted by the University of Liverpool Humanist Society, a student group. You don’t have to be a member to attend – anyone who is interested in the campaign is welcome.

We will not charge for entry, but will accept donations to cover costs such as speaker expenses. We request a donation of £2 per person.


Introduction to Humanism and Fair Admissions

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19:00, Tuesday, 1st October, International Lounge, LGOS

Support the Fair Admissions Campaign

This event is the perfect chance to come and find out more about Humanism as well as a great opportunity to meet everyone! The committee will be hosting two mini talks –

‘Introduction to Humanism’
Daniel Newman will discuss the fundamentals of Humanism and what Humanists do and don’t believe, and the Humanism as a modern movement.

‘Fair Admissions’
Chris Malburn will be introducing the Fair Admissions campaign, which aims to open state-funded schools to everyone regardless of their religion. The aim is to set up a local campaign group made up of secular minded individuals from all across the community regardless of religion here in Liverpool.

The talks will be kept relatively short to allow for a little mixer and most likely the the pub afterwards! (Neither of which are mandatory of course!)


This will be held in the International Lounge, in Liverpool Guild of Students.

This event is hosted by the University of Liverpool Humanists, a student society. Our events are open to all, but we request a voluntary donation to cover our society’s expenses.

See you there!