What is Humanism?

Humanism is a rational worldview which advocates ethics which are based on personal liberty, social responsibility and individual fulfillment whilst trusting the scientific method, rather than the supernatural, divine revelation and religious dogma, in understanding how the universe works and informing a secular morality.

Our Aims

To promote values, knowledge and understanding of Humanism on campus, as well as Merseyside and the wider area, and be involved in constructive discourse on matters related to Humanism, including Atheism, Secularism, Scientific Skepticism and Freedom of Expression.

To make a positive difference in the student community, and beyond, by campaigning on Humanist issues, supporting charity work and encouraging others to do the same.

To provide a place for non-religious people to meet others with a similar world view, and create a community of people who support Humanism and those questioning their faith.

Our Committee

Meet the Militant Atheists!

Contact us

If you wish to get into contact with the committee then feel free to send us an email at livunihumanists [at] gmail . com , alternatively why not follow us on twitter or join our facebook group!


We’re a student society and are members of:


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