Annual General Meeting 2014

17:30, Tuesday 22nd April 2014, Sydney Jones Library, Abercromby Square

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It’s that time of year again – we need to vote for the people who’ll be taking on the challenge of running the University of Liverpool Humanists next year! This year, the AGM is particularly important, because many of the current committee will be unable to continue next academic year. If you’d like to see our society continue being active and continue to put on great events, then express your interest and help out!

If you would like to do your bit for the best non-religious society on campus, then nominate yourself by emailing Chris, the returning officer, at by the 15th April. Don’t worry if you miss this deadline, you will still be able to stand for positions at the AGM in person, but it looks good if you seem organised! If you can’t make it to the AGM for whatever reason, then you can send a statement to be read out on your behalf, or you can nominate someone else to speak on your behalf. You can also ask for more information by commenting here, on the AGM Facebook page, or by asking any of the current committee.

The committee positions up for grabs are :

  1. President 
  2. Vice President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. AHS Representative – Represent the interests of the society within the AHS. They are usually a member of the caucus for the AHS AGM along with the president although they may delegate this responsibility. They are also co-responsible for coordinating attendance of the AHS AGM.
  6. General Committee position – role to be decided by new committee.
  7. General Committee position

You can also suggest your own ideas for the direction you’d like the society to go in the future, as well as suggest changes to how the society is run. You can do this by submitting constitutional amendments and motions. These should be submitted to Chris by the 15th April – he can help with drafting if needed.

We’ll be meeting in the Sydney Jones Library at half 5 on Tuesday 22nd April, and we’ll release the final agenda in due course, however, it will follow approximately as follows:

  • Welcome & Reports
    • President’s report on the preceding year.
    • Treasurer’s report on society finances.
  • Elections
    • Positions and candidates will be announced.
    • Candidates have a maximum of 5 minutes to speak, and 5 minutes to answer questions.
    • A secret ballot will be carried out for each committee position in accordance with the Constitution.
    • New committee will be announced.
  • Motions & Amendments Closing remarks & celebratory drinks.
    • Motions will be announced.
    • One proponent and one opponent each has a maximum of 5 minutes to speak, and 5 minutes to answer questions.
    • A secret ballot will be carried out for each motion or amendment in accordance with the Constitution.
    • Results will be announced.
  • Closing remarks & celebratory drinks.

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