Rant Night!

8pm, Tuesday 4th March, LGoS Bar, 5 Abercromby Square.

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Do you have a hobby horse or something you like to get on your soapbox about? Come to our Rant Night!

What is Rant Night?

It’s an open mic-style event where you can get on your soapbox for a few minutes, as well as hear about other people’s passions or bugbears – something that’s cool, interesting, funny or infuriating…

Everyone has something that gets them fired up, so why not give it a go? It can be as well-prepared or as shambolic as you like – it’ll only be for 5 minutes!

How do I take part?

If you’re interested in taking part, send us an email at livunihumanists@gmail.com or message one of the committee and let us know what you’d like to rant about. Also, feel free to volunteer on the night – the more the merrier! On the night, we’ll give you 5 minutes, a microphone and an audience. 😀 There may be prizes for the best rants…

What can I rant about?

Anything you like, really – if it’s about humanism, skepticism, science, philosophy, politics, ethics, or something like that, then it’s a shoe-in, and as long as it’s something interesting, funny or controversial, then we’ll probably say yes anyway, as long as no-one else is already down for the same topic. If you’re planning on being sexist, homophobic, racist, or anything like that, then we’ll probably say no! If you have lots of things to rant about, then we can likely get you a couple of slots.
This a new style of event for us, and is a bit of a departure from our usual lecture style, so we need your help to make it as fun as possible. We’re really looking forward to hearing your rants!


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