The Wonders & Worries of Genetic Modification – Geraint Parry

Apologies for the lull recently, but we’re back with another talk! I’m very happy to announce that we’ve bagged Geraint Parry, an expert on Genetically Modified Organisms, to give us a 101 and dispel some of the myths that are out there.

Join us at 20:15, Tuesday 18th February 2014, International Lounge, Liverpool Guild of Students, University Square.

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Yeah, it's a commons image. Don't panic. :P

GM produce gets a mixed press, and has been described as everything from evil frankenfood that makes people ill to a panacea against world hunger and environmental damage. The ethical debate on GM can be polarising, especially with the amount of misinformation in the media and popular culture. Geraint Parry will explain the science behind GM crops and touch on some of the controversies that go along with this technology.

Geraint is a lecturer at University of Liverpool, and undertakes fundamental research on transport of molecules in and out of a plant cell nucleus. He creates transgenic organisms and, it could be argued, has a vested interest in the science, politics and regulation of this somewhat controversial topic. Follow him on twitter at @liverpoolplants.

This event is hosted by University of Liverpool Humanists and is open to the public, free of charge. However, so that we can cover our costs and keep hosting events in the future, we must request a voluntary donation – £2 (or more!) per person is greatly appreciated.

Apologies for the odd start time – due to the limited space in the Guild, we have been shifted back a little from our usual start time to allow for us to set the room up.

See you there!


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