Mike Homfray – Sex, Religion, Humanism & the Gay Issue

Coming up on Thursday 28th November, 20:00, Dining Room, Liverpool Guild of Students, 5 Abercromby Square.

Join us for a whistlestop tour through the history of sexual liberation!

File:Gay flag.svg
Find out how religious and social views have changed through the ages, and affected campaigns for equal rights: from ancient Greece to the liberation movements of the 1960s and 70s and recent campaigns for marriage equality. With Mike Homfray, we’ll look at the positions of Humanism and Christianity on homosexuality, the evolving position of the Church of England and how Humanism has taken on issues faced by gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

This talk and discussion is a great opportunity to brush up on our background knowledge and ask questions – particularly Humanists and those involved in LGBT issues, although of course anyone who’s interested is welcome!

Mike Homfray is an ex-Christian and a gay man who has experienced both ‘sides’ of the religious divide. He has been involved in a range of initiatives to reform the Church with regard to its position on sexuality, but came to the conclusion that brick walls are not for beating heads against. Now embracing a humanist outlook, he still admires those working for change in the church. Mike is a sociologist and the author of ‘Provincial Queens’, a study of the gay and lesbian community in the north-west of England.

This event is hosted by University of Liverpool Humanists (with  help from Liverpool Guild LGBT Society) and is open to everyone free of charge. However, so that we can cover our costs and keep hosting events in the future, we must request a voluntary donation – £2 (or more!) per person is greatly appreciated.


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