LivUniHumanists on the BBC!

OK, for 2 minutes, on BBC Radio Merseyside this Sunday morning, but it’s still worth bragging about, right?

If you’re interested, take a look here, and fast forward to 1:12:00 if you specifically want to hear my nervous verbalisations!

We were approached by BBC Radio Merseyside, as they were covering the religious societies at the Freshers Fair for the Sunday morning ‘Faith and Ethics’ show, and asked us if we wanted to be included. Not wanting to turn down publicity, we said yes – and 5 minutes later, I was shouting into a microphone!

I was somewhat uncertain about being on a programme so much geared towards religious worship, but I figured presenting a friendly face wouldn’t do any harm. However, I was slightly paranoid (unnecessarily) about saying things that could be taken out of context for most of the interview! I hope I gave a good impression of non-religious students, anyway.


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